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How To Reduce Hair Volume ( Hair Loss )

Volume, though preferred and coveted by many people, could be a big nuisance to other people with thick, curly, and frizz-prone hair. Reduce the level of hair with the proper haircut. Tame your frizz having a moisturising shampoo and conditioning routine. Combat poof together with your hair dryer and flat-iron!

In today’s post, once again I will discuss four ways to reduce hair volume.
How to Reduce Hair Volume ( hair loss )

method 1

Cutting, Thinning, and Trimming Hair

1. Pick a hairdo that minimises hair volume

Keep your hair at a volume-friendly length. A blunt short to medium haircut can make hair appear poofier. Opt instead for any super short hairdo, just like a pixie cut, or perhaps a longer hairstyle that sits on your shoulders.

A long bob is a perfect hairdo for the thick, voluminous hair!

2. Add long layers

Adding long layers for your thick, unmanageable, or wavy hair will reduce the look of volume. Longer segments will always suggest over shorter layers–the more concise the sheet, the higher amount it’ll create! Additionally, to reducing the level of hair, long layers also generate movement inside your thick tresses.

3. Thin hair

Have your stylist use thinning shears to lessen the level of your unmanageable hair or do-it-yourself in your own home. Before you begin the procedure, make sure hair is dry. Divide hair into fistful-sized sections. Grab one portion of hair and shut the thinning shears midway lower the duration of your hair shaft Open the shears slightly and move them to lower the length of your hair. Stop one-half inch over the ends of the hair. After you have thinned a piece, comb using your hair a couple of occasions to find out for those who have achieved your ideal thickness. Repeat when needed before getting to the following section.

Don’t start the thinning process too near to your roots! You might over thin hair. Sooner, begin lower around the shaft and build up for the sources as needed.

Attempt to thin all of the sections evenly. Comb through the articles to evaluate how well you’re progressing. Balance out any parts which are too thick.

4. Trim your hair regularly

Hair that’s left untrimmed will ultimately be split or finish in broken ends. It gives you scores of volume in the conclusions from the hair shafts. Clean up the terms of the hair with regular trims–visit your stylist every two to four several weeks.

Method 2

Shampooing and Conditioning Hair

1. Pick the best products

Pick the shampoo that reduces your hair’s natural volume. Select a thick, moisturising conditioner which will weigh your hair lower, developing a more sleek appearance. Search for products with natural moisturisers, like avocado or almond oil. These items will hydrate hair, weigh it flatter, and convey a more stylish look.

2. Shampoo hair every two to four days

Shampooing strips hair from the skin oils that form on your scalp. Because it takes longer of these oils to spread through and lower the shafts of the full mind of hair, you shouldn’t shampoo hair every single day. Wait two to four days between shampoos to lessen frizz and poof. Use the product straight to the scalp, staying away from the ends of the hair.

3.Condition hair completely

After shampooing hair, always apply conditioner. Run the product with the shafts of the nose, staying away from the scalp. Additionally to presenting a rinse-out-conditioner, use a leave-in-conditioner too.

Method 3

Drying Hair

1. Squeeze excess water out of your wet hair

Make use of a towel to attract out excess water out of your hair. Always avoid rubbing hair within the sheet to eliminate water–this will cause frizz! Instead of wrapping hair having a soft towel, choose a soft cotton t-shirt, a cotton pillowcase, or perhaps a microfiber towel. As these products have the ability to more fine fibers than the usual thin cloth, they cause less harm to wet, frizz-prone hair.

2. Let your hair to air-dry

To lessen how long spent blow-drying hair, enable your hair air-dry. Hold back until hair reaches least 50 % of how dry. It can also lower your hair’s heat exposure, which could dry up your frizz-prone locks while increasing the level of hair.

3. Safeguard hair

While hair continues to be moist, apply an anti-frizz cream. Before blow-drying, use a heat protectant spray. It helps stop your hair from becoming dry.

4. Divide hair into five sections

Utilizing a comb, divide hair into five sections. You’ll have two divisions within the back, one on every side, and something on top of your mind. Clip the parts in position.


Begin with the section on top of your mind. Pull your hair taut upon your brow. Convey a round brush in the roots and gradually move it lower the duration of your hair. Stick to the brush using the barrel of the hair dryer decrease the whole period of hair. Repeat when needed. Continue doing this process quietly sections and so the back sections. Use a smoothing serum or anti-frizz cream for your hair for any sleek finish.

Test out hairstyling products. Waxes, balms as well as anti-frizz serums lessen wild hair and add weight towards the hair shafts, which decrease hair volume. Friction brought on by hair movement causes your hair strands to split up and poof out. A suitable styling aid can help keep hair sections together and control individual locks.

Method 4

Straightening Hair

1. Heat your hair straightener. Set your hair straightener to some temperature between 350°F and 400°F and let it heat-up.

2. Safeguard hair. Use a heat protectant spray for your locks while your hair straightener gets heat up. The product can help prevent damage brought on by heat.

3. Straighten hair. Finish your reduced-volume look by straightening hair. Always make sure hair is dehydrated before straightening it. Make use of your hair straightener to attain pin-straight hair or sleek hair.

If you would like pin-straight hair, divide your tresses into small sections. Start with the underside layers and glide the hair straightener over each short article a couple of occasions before moving forward the following part.

Should you desire sleek hair, divide your locks into large sections. Slowly move the tightly clamped hair straightener gradually lower the duration of your hair. It enables heat to enter hair while minimising your locks’ connection with direct heat. Repeat on every portion of hair.

So friends what did you think about How to Reduce Hair Volume ( hair loss )? Please share your thought in the comment section below.


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